Sunday, January 11, 2015

Albania, here we come!!!!!

Picking up where we left off last time, our bake sale for our town's Harvest Festival was a huge success.  Our kids baked, decorated, set up, hustled right along side us.  We were very encouraged when volunteers at the festival heard what we were raising money for and took time to pray over our family at the start of the day!

Our youngest met up with one of his friends. They grabbed a tray of cookies and began to walk the crowded street selling to all who fell sway to their charm (even other vendors selling food!) They sold all the cookies and then began to tackle the brownies.

When we held the bake sale for our adoption in 2008 we were able to bring in about $500. I was hoping maybe to do about $750. Jen prayed asking God for $1,000. He answered and we left the festival having made over $1,000.

We have continued to sell items off the facebook page throughout Thanksgiving and Christmas and we have received a few donations bringing our total to $3,430.  We now have travel dates of April 21 - May 4 and are trusting God for the remainder of the funds.

In the meantime we are busy preparing to travel.  While in Albania we will be helping to build a perimeter wall around a future building site for the ministry.  Our kids will be helping to lead a craft for the children that visit the center. Jen and I will have different opportunities to speak and teach at the men's and women's bible studies.

Please continue to pray us as we prepare to travel and make all the necessary arrangements for our  time in Albania. Please pray that the Holy Spirit would empower us to share His light and love of Jesus with everyone we meet in this journey. Please pray also that the remainder of money that we need would come in.