Thursday, February 12, 2015

Plane Tickets and Update

Originally we were told that ideally we might be able to find plane tickets for around $900/person.   Whenever we looked online ticket prices were averaging around $1,100 each.  Due to scheduling changes our trip was pushed back to late April and now the prices were up to $1,350.  While we were initially discouraged, we continued to pray believing that God would provide.  Late one evening, just as we were headed to bed, Jen decided to check ticket prices. She found tickets for $750 each!!!

After seeking counsel, we decided to buy the tickets in faith.  By that evening we received $1,200 in donations, confirming that God was indeed in the process of providing all that we would need.  These tickets will land us in Rome, but with a train ride through Italy, and a ferry across the Adriatic Sea, we still come in under the $900/person deal we were hoping for.

Donations have continued to stream in.  Currently we are down to $3,710 needed in support to be raised.  We love seasons like this because they unite our family in prayer, and allows our kids to see first hand the fruit of even the smallest amount of faith.

We have learned that our time in Albania will include a visit to an orphanage where we, along with our kids, will have an opportunity to work with 3-5 year old children.  Jen and I will have a chance to share in the men's and women's bible studies. Our children will be stretched also, as they will be given opportunities to share their testimonies.  As a family we will be able to help with maintenance at the ministry center as well as to meet the families in the village of Vlashaj.

Our next fundraiser will include prizes. Stay tuned . . .