Saturday, July 11, 2015

Albania Day 5 : Home visits and a girls' night

In the morning, we visited the homes of  two families that have both recently lost their grandfathers. As is the custom in the culture, we came with gifts for the families, and they offered us juice and candy.

The first woman we met with was a believer. She told us how when they sang "In your arms of love" she could literally feel the arms of Jesus around her. She shared how much it meant to her that her granddaughter too had received Christ. We were able to share with her how Andrew was healed from hydrocephaly. She gave us an Albanian soccer ball as a gift.

The 2nd visit was full of laughter. We shared stories from our lives and how we met our spouses. The women were particularly impressed with Jen for having birthed 4 kids naturally and especially for having Tobin at home. We had the opportunity to pray a blessing over both families. 

After lunch, the girls began
preparing for the young ladies night at the center. Our family brought treasure boxes, as well as plenty of gems and sequins for each of the young ladies to decorate. Inside each box we had printed off the lost coin scripture in the Albanian language. 

Our daughters prepared a devotional, and between the three Rachel was nominated to share on the parable of the lost coin. She spoke on how precious we are to God, and how He searched us out as well. We didn't realize until that evening, but some adult women in the village decided to come as well. Rachel didn't flinch, and shared with confidence all that God laid on their hearts.  

Two women from the village are hairdressers, so the young women put on makeup and had their hair done as well. Afterwards Cydil gave each one their own photo shoot. The young ladies in the village loved their special evening and even lingered for quite some time after.

During all the preparations, Nathan, Aaron and the boys opened the center for volleyball and 4-square with the village boys.  Before we closed the center for dinner, we gave them a new soccer ball that we had brought.   The boys thanked us so much for the it and played until dark.